YAX - A Blockchain Exchange System

To Replaces Traditional Online Advertising

YAX - A commercialization of the blockchain ecosystem that reshapes digital creation, media formats and based on distributed user computing source.


The Next Generation
Of Online Advertisement.

A Platform

YAX offers advertising management platforms that share traffic to Internet media (websites, mobile apps, OTT apps, etc.) and share in encrypted cryptocurrencies secured by client computing power.

A Protocol 

By tapping into the computing power of the client as a threshold, users can benefit from a network of regional chains of commercial interest exchanges that win-win with websites or mobile media and IP content creators.

A Token

In this exchange network, encrypted digital currency undertakes varying degrees of commercial interchange between user computing power, media traffic resources, and creative content.

Earn YAX while surfing

Anyone Can Earn
YAX Coin

There are two ways to accumulate YAX; one is to visit the specified web page on the YAX platform or run a specific Android / iOS APP on the device. The other is to visit the media page or APP that has joined the YAX platform and has a code for computing for the particular contribution. As the platform increases its reliance on blockchain; stakeholders impacted differently.


Encouraged by our early traction, we have plans to make quick work of the remaining pieces.

December 2017

Experimental Beta Computing
(Based on PC / Mobile / TV Users)

In this phase, we set up a private computing platform based on CPU power.
Cryptocurrency is the output result, which verifies the feasibility of media
and user terminals experimentally
And give beta customers the real benefit of encrypting money.

Sep 2018

commercialized user computing pool platform
(Open to the media and users)

In this phase, we need to create a public power-sharing platform that
includes YAX cryptocurrency and a variety of other
cryptocurrencies for mixed output.
Users and Internet media can generate computational power and
resources by free time, device, and access traffic,
yielding multiple cryptocurrencies and converting them
into a unified output of YAX.
It can balance over the economic output of alternative advertising.

Q3 2019

Release YAX Backbone Protocol with Chains
(online master network)

We will formally release the YAX Backbone Protocol with Master Chain,
and add the “proof of work” mechanism with appropriate fairness and
appropriate difficulty.
External service link and pool mining based on Backbone Protocol
will be available.

Q1 2020

paid content trading platform
(open to the media creators and the visitors option to use)

This phase is focusing on building a protocol and a utility token that
democratize the value created in the media consumption cycle.

Q2 2020

Release YAX Commercial Exchange API Platform
(public API registration and services)

Based on the API Platform of YAX's commercial exchange system,
the media network can be used for secondary development to
balance blockchain-based revenue generation and
user experience distribution, and can optional replace impression with
CTR too low on existing traditional advertising systems.

Fund Investors

Eagles Fund Collin Star

Team & Advisors

Roger Lau
(Co-founder & CEO)
Addin Lim
(Co-founder & CBO)
William Wang
(Co-founder & CTO)
Michelle Jiang
(Co-founder & CMO)
Wallace Tang
(Senior Consultant)
Sidney Song
(Co-founder & CAO)
Pengfei Chen
(Staff engineer)

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